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We are Below the Mark.


Each week, on the podcast, four wannabe know-it-all's sit down with our cheap microphones, cool shiny sound board, and topics we each brought for your amusement. "Kick it" with us as we use clever banter to bring humor to a variety of topics such as video games, movies, music, and anything else that our small town minds deem interesting for the week.

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The Hostess with the Mostest

Cody Dotson's the name. Podcasting is the game. His cats are his best friends. He likes to think he is theirs. Lets not tell him cats are only out for themselves.  Did Han shoot first, an age old question. Cody says, "Who gives a fuck, he's not a stormtrooper".  He is a life long member of PC master race and the Galactic Empire. #TheEmpireDidNothingWrong.

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The Hair

Tylor Fightmaster, pronounced Tyler not Taylor. Yes, that is his real last name, and yes you could kick his ass. Except you Larry, he says you're a bitch. Batman 1st. Star Wars second 1st. Followed by any other nerdy pop culture that pollutes our world today. He has delusions of being the next Steven Spielberg, but in the meantime he will suffer with talking about stuff that doesn't really matter with friends. Also he has pretty decent hair. Honestly, we just tell him that so he'll shut up about it.

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"Yupp". He has been described as a 50 year old man living in a 25 year old body. He enjoys routines, staying at home stressing about his next topic, and yelling at the kids whenever they venture in the yard. Just joking on the last one, he cannot afford a yard. He has used his B.S. in Computer Science to pursue a career of stocking shelves. With his pessimistic outlook on life, the only thing he has going for him is his narcissistic attitude.

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The Girl, Ma

My personality has been molded by these three stuffing their nerd shit in my brain. I'm a die hard death eater... I mean Harry Potter fan. I am new to Star Wars and all things Harrison Ford, but I fell in love and catch on fast. I don't know much about anything, I'm just hoping the fact that I'm female will be enough.

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Big Sexy, Tons of Fun

He was born out of lust and gluttony, and raise in a stripe club with an all you can eat buffet. He once slayed a dragon with nothing but a chicken leg and his dick. Some say hes a myth others a god, but hes just a man looking for love at the bottom of a bucket of chicken. Why is it so hard for him to find love? Is it size? Probably...not, it's probably the BDSM.

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